We handle a wide range of legal issues in the appellate courts

Serving clients in Tennessee and Georgia to safeguard their legal and due process rights in state and federal appeals

We are dedicated to providing clients in the Chattanooga area and throughout Tennessee and Georgia with effective representation in all phases of litigation, including appeals. We draw on our appellate experience appealing adverse trial court rulings and successfully defending lower court victories on appeal.

Establishing record to support favorable trial results and challenge adverse trial rulings

We strive to ensure that a sufficient record is established in each case to preserve favorable trial results and challenge adverse trial rulings.

Not all verdicts or decisions can be appealed, but we will undertake careful research of the facts in your case to advise you on the best course of action in an appeal. We handle briefing and oral arguments before appellate courts in Tennessee and Georgia and will provide the advice and advocacy needed in appellate actions.

Consult a committed appellate lawyer

For skilled help with an appeal, call the Law Office of Gary L. Henry at (423) 521-0549 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. We serve clients throughout Tennessee and Georgia.